Technical Assistance for Improving Air Quality and Raising Public Awareness in Cities in Turkey: CityAir

The main objective of the CityAir Project, which is funded by the European Union and Republic of Turkey and whose beneficiary is Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, is to improve the quality of life of citizens through the implementation and enforcement of the European Union environmental legislation in the context of air quality.

Target of the Project

The CityAir Project, which is funded by the European Union and Republic of Turkey, is being implemented under the EU Environmental Acquis, in 31 provinces in Turkey, using a bottom-up approach in order to increase air quality and to raise awareness in society on air pollution – air quality.

In the long run, project outcomes will contribute to the increase of air quality at the national level, to the protection of public health, will support Turkey’s economic, social and environmental sustainability, and will ensure that the Air Quality Management Action Programs are in line with the European Union acquis and international agreements.

Objective of the project

  • Improve air emission inventory system capacity with “Air Quality” modeling, HEY Portal, GIS (Geographical Information System), and all other “Information Technologies” tools.

  • Update Clean Air Action Plans (CAAPs) for 31 cities located in South Inner Anatolian, Aegean, Middle Black Sea, and Mediterranean regions.

  • Boost provincial emission abatement strategies and a package of measures that help improve the quality of ambient air by raising awareness in the public.

Steps were taken to raise public awareness:

  • Survey studies are conducted to ascertain the level of public awareness of air quality.

  • Workshops on air quality management are being held. Emission inventory trainings are being carried out. Air quality assessment and modeling trainings are being given.

  • Developing original informative contents for selected target groups such as children and the elderly and risk groups such as pregnant women and patients; production and distribution of brochures for such contents.

  • Social media meetings for the young generation are being held. TV and radio spots are prepared and shares are made to ensure that air quality is understood by the masses.

  • Working in close cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health.

  • Studies are being conducted in public areas, with schools, provincial and district municipalities to preserve air quality. Planning catchy activities by providing entertaining and instructive transfers especially for primary and secondary education levels.


  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization – Primary Beneficiary
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations – Contracting Authority
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Local-level government agencies
  • Relevant NGOs and private sector institutions
  • Municipalities


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