Activity 1.1.a Assessment of Previous Studies on Air Emissions Inventories

Activity 1.1.b Training Needs Analysis

Activity 1.2 Site Visit

Activity 1.3 Strategy Paper on Future Steps of Air Quality Management

Activity 1.4 Determination of Emission factors

Activity 1.5 Emission Inventory Workshops with Stakeholders

Activity 1.6 Improving the Emission Inventory Preparation Process

Activity 1.7  Compilation of the Emission inventories

Activity 1.8  Preparation of input files for AQ modeling

Activity 1.9 Translation and Preparation of Emission Inventory Guidebooks

Activity 1.10 Trainings will be held on Emission Inventory

Activity 2.1 Assessment of Previous Studies on Air Quality Modelling

Activity 2.2 Assessment of Air Quality Monitoring Data for Each Province

Activity 2.3a  Assessment report on Air Quality Models to be used

Activity 2.3b Suggestions Report of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for Improving Technical Capacity on the Connection Between National / Local Inventories and Models

Activity 2.4a Implementation of Air Quality Model for 31 provinces

Activity 2.4b Report on Technical (Software, hardware, server, etc.) and IT Requirements of Selected / Recommended Urban Models

Activity 2.5 Verification Report of Air Quality Model

Activity 2.6  Training sessions on AQ assessment

Activity 2.7  Study Visit on Modelling to INERIS, France

Activity 3.1 Identification of Measures to Combat Air Pollution

Activity 3.2 Preparation of Emission abatement road map

Activity 3.3 Workshop (4) on Air Pollution Prevention

Activity 3.4 Preparation of Overall Assessment Reports for 31 Cities

Activity 3.5 Preparation/update of 31 CAAPs

Activity 3.6 Study visit on AQ management to EU Member State

Activity 4.1 Preparation and Publication of Summary Assessment Reports for Local Stakeholders

Activity 4.2 Prep and Execution of a National Dissemination Conference on Project Results

Activity 4.3 Preparation of Public Awareness and Communication Strategy and Action Plan

Activity 4.4 Preparation and Production of Publications and Audiovisual Materials on AQ

Activity 4.5 Execution of Public Awareness Campaigns on Air Pollution

Activity 4.6 Execution of Multi-Stakeholder Public Awareness Seminars

Activity 4.7 Surveys to Measure the Level of Public Awareness on Air Pollution

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